Page image: VIEW OF LANCASTER, PA.,1853, By Charles Parsons, artist. Published by Jas. T. Palmatery, N.Y. Endicott & Co. Lithographers, N.Y.

Projects & initiatives by Lancaster Heritage Allies


A property determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places:

The Tucquan Club, York Furnace, Lower Chanceford Township, York County, PA, November, 2017.Photographs - TC Clubhouse & Caretaker's_Page_02For the full report, click here.


Compass Mill and the Mills of Litiz Run, is the subject of our published report in book form on the history and potential for reinvestment in this historic grist and saw mill, constructed by members of the Brethren Congregation at Warwik (Unitas Fratrum or Moravian Congregation) in 1776.

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Farms with historic buildings: Efforts to preserve historic agricultural buildings on farms whose owners sell or donate their development rights to keep their land for farm use in perpetuity.  Should the farmers who receive public funding from some combination of Federal, State, County of local government or philanthropic sources have any obligation to retain, preserve and protect buildings on their land which hold historic values?

Download – LCAg.Pres.Board-May28-15Mtg.Summary  presented to the Lancaster County Agricultural Preserve Board on May 28, 2015, and the related meeting summary.  The Ag. Board decided not to participate in any projects or programs that relate to preservation of historic ag. buildings.

Past and present:Rock-SoostTitlePg.RD

December 2014 – Research, documentation and specialty book design for new owners of an historic building in the City of Lancaster, PA that contributes to the City’s National Register Historic District.  Click here to download a copy of the 30-page Rock-Soost Building book.

Contact the editor, Randolph Harris – rjharris441792@gmail.com –  if you would like to discuss options and terms for a research, documentation and/or a publishing project for your property. Or click here to download a summary terms and fees.


Click on the photo below to download a free copy of these excerpts of news articles from The Lancaster Inquirer from the fall of 1883. From these excerpts you can find the full original articles through various archives.  Read how Lydia Hamilton Smith, in a rare interview with a newspaper publisher and close associate, provides never-before released details of the life and times of her long-time employer and confidante, Congress Thaddeus Stevens.


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