Hope for preservation of Mifflin House & Farmstead, known as “Hybla,” Hellam Township, York County, PA.


Beautifully maintained historic farmhouse, built about 1800, located in Hellam Township and a small part in the Borough of Wrightsville, York County.


Threat to Underground Railroad safe house (circa 1820s – 1844) and location of Civil War battle (1863) may be averted. About one year remains in a two-year planned delay of demolition and development to allow local, state and national organizations and agencies to secure funds to acquire 60-plus acres that would include retention, preservation and re-use of the historic farmhouse, barn and outbuildings and conserve open space acreage that leads toward the Susquehanna River.


AT RISK–  This property is one of the nation’s most significant sites associated in the early 1800s with the Underground Railroad, which was our nation’s early civil rights movement. Also the site of a Civil War engagement that had a direct bearing on why the Battle of Gettysburg occurred in July 1863 about 40 miles west of here. The farm was in dairy production until 2006, and was threatened by an adjacent industrial park’s plans for expansion. 

That’s on hold until early 2021 or so to allow representatives of the Susquehanna Gateway National Heritage Area, Preservation Pennsylvania, County of York and others to develop a plan for preservation and find the necessary funds to make it happen.

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